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About Me

Web magician by day, kung fu panda by night.
Hello! My name is Lavie Ruan. I am secretly a magician. My wand has magical powers such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS5. With a touch of my wand, I turn code into live Full Stack websites. How do I do it? Let me show you! 🔮

Check out my blog here! You can also say hi to me at lavie.ruan[at]!
When I am not coding, you can find me traveling with my broom, eating all sorts of foods, and training to become a world class ninja at the dojo. 🐼




Sync-In Your music all in one place. Create and discover playlists!

A music complilation app that eases the stress of switching music platforms. Users can search for songs and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud at once and generate music playlists from search results.
ES6, MongoDB, Mongoose, Node, Express, React, React Router, Redux, Google OAuth, Facebook OAuth, Passport, YouTube API, Vimeo API, SoundCloud API

BeThinker Keep track of errands and reminders. Built with React.

The word "Bethink" means to think on reflection. This app allows users to come to think of their tasks using environmental friendly sticky notes.
JavaScript, MongoDB, Mongoose, Node, Express, React, React Router, Redux, Passport, SCSS

French-X Learn French words using the spaced repetition algorithm.

A studying app to help users learn French. The spaced-repetition algorithm was implemented to generate new questions based on user performance.
ES6, MongoDB, Mongoose, Node, Express, React, React Router, Redux, Google OAuth

Stick-On Keep track of notes and errands. Built with Angular.

This app was inspired by the "BeThinker" sticky app that was built with React, but built with Angular 1.x and Firebase. The layout of the app was inspired by the Google Material design.
JavaScript, Angular 1.x, Firebase, HTML, CSS

Magic Wiki Search Search and preview wikipedia articles with keyword search.

This app allows users to search for articles using the Wikipedia API, and results are generated with live preview and links to the wikipedia article.
JavaScript, HTML, CSS